The homage of Natasha St.-Pier to St. Therese of Lisieux

"Therese: Vivre d'Amour" sung in concert at the Chapel of St. Therese of the Apprentices at Auteuil

At the St. Therese Chapel of the Apprentices of Auteuil, many artists gathered to pay tribute to St. Therese.

The young woman died at age 24; she was endowed with unusual kindness, but it is her maturity and her ideas in advance of her time that charmed Gregoire and all the artists who participated in the album.

It all started with the arrival of Gregoire, the emcee.  He explains the various reasons which led him to to set the texts of the saint to music.  A touching story and full of beautiful sacrifices.

"St. Therese was a model, she said something that struck us especially in view of her age and her epoch:  “We do not love to earn a salary.’  This sentence is instructive in the present context."  And the singer concluded his speech by thanking all the participants in this project.

Then we move to the first passage is that of Gregory Turpin. Natasha St.-Pier came to interpret “Vivre d’Amour” (“Living by Love”), the title song of the album.

Seven songs followed; Natasha sang them with all her heart and all her soul in the company of Élisa Dorati and Sonica Lacen for the song usually interpreted by Anguun, “Jeter des Fleurs” (“Strewing Flowers.”  For the fourth and sixth passages Natasha sang the song "Le petit papa" solo before being accompanied by Elisa again.

And finally for the last passage, Natasha is surrounded by a quartet of "stentors," amoving and touching ensemble for all those present in the chapel. The group presents a contrast both striking and toucing. 
Gregoire stayed in the shadows of the pillars, tense, hoping that everything would go well sr before all the cameras and journalists.

All the singers, the violinist, the cellist, and the pianist gathered under the applause to thank those present for their attendance and to take a break for photographers

Finally, at the end of the show, the singer of "Toi moi" remained discreet, leaving the beautiful singer from Quebec to play the game of questions and answers for TF1.

The album “Therese: Vivre d’Amour” will be released on April 22.  Notice to fans.

{Note: This is my translation of the French article "L'hommage de Natasha St-Pier à sainte Thérèse,"  published on the blog "Ninapeople" on April 16, 2013.  The translation appears at by the kind permission of Nina Saad, whom I thank for her generosity).