Evangelization by couples

"Cells” of Blessed Louis and Zélie Martin


The couple is essential to every cell

Distinctive features of the Christian couple: Strength - Unity - Empathy - Complementarity - Knowledge of each other - The habit of prayer together

“If the Church does not preach Christ, it is nothing but a poor ‘NGO,'" said Pope Francis in his first homily.

It is most urgent, as the Pope said, not only to maintain the essence of our faith, but, further, we live in a time when we realize more and more what we owe to the Christian Gospel in terms of values and good practices (human dignity, respecting sexual differences, spiritual reading in the family, the political commitment of service to others, etc.). We cannot fail to proclaim this Good News; it has never been more necessary than in our time.

We propose that you join us for an evening around the theme of small parish evangelisation groups ("cells"), so that we can explore how these groups would be constituted,  and consider together if it is possible, thanks to the influence of the Sainte-Thérèse parish, to respond fully to our evangelical vocation

Information – Contact : saintetheresemetz@gmail.com

We propose "cells" for all of you - married - divorced - single

The Martin family has touched our hearts deeply every day with their simple and loving way of life.

Louis and Zélie MARTIN cells:

cells of 12 people where couples come together to pray and evangelize

Listen here to the teachings [in French] of Don Pidgi to understand the principle of cells of evangelization.


page translated, with permission, by Mary Davidson, OCDS