Exposition "Saints Louis and Zelie Martin" at Lisieux through the end of November 2016

Exposition “Saints Louis and Zélie Martin”

To get to know Saints Louis and Zélie Martin a little better, by Sister Monique Marie.  [Note: Sister Monique-Marie was one of those most active in the successful completion of the Cause of Saints Louis and Zélie].

Sts zelie and Louis Martin

Sts zelie and Louis Martin

The exhibition paints a picture of a warm, living family, with a difficult daily life: the marriage of two quite young persons; learning a common life; the birth of children; and the loss of some. Prayer, the Mass, the Gospel, and the Church are the guidebooks of their life.

Another part of the exhibition traces the recognition of the two miracles:  the healing of Pietro Schilirò, which led to their Beatification on October 19, 2008, and the healing of Carmen Lourdes Perez-Pons, which led to their canonization seven years later, on October 18, 2015. Finally, the exposition shows how today's families feel close to the family of Louis and Zélie Martin. 

Zélie gave birth to nine children, four of whom died very young.  The exposition shows in pictures the places where they lived and presents photographs of the children and of the whole family, such as Uncle Isidore, Zélie’s brother, who was a pharmacist in Lisieux.


The Martin spouse-saints share a taste for work well done.  Their life of work is anchored in an ethic of a life deeply imprinted with a profound love for God, Whom they served in practicing boundless charity toward all those around them and to the needy.

Their home was as warm as the family was united.  Mutual affection abounded.

“God was pleased all through my life to surround me with love.  My first memories are imprinted with smiles and with the most tender caresses.” 

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux – Ms A of Story of a Soul. 4v, 9

When Zélie died of cancer in 1877, their father moved the family to Lisieux, where the vocations of each of the daughters would blossom.

A statue of Louis and Zélie Martin which was offered to the Shrine at Lisieux by a Philippine artist is presented as part of the exhibition.


•             From March 3 through the end of November 2016

  • In March and in November: from 9:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
  • From April through the end of October: from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.           

•       At the Saint John Paul II Center, across from the Basilica

Note: The above article was translated from "Exposition: Saints Louis and Zélie Martin" on the Web site of the Shrine at Lisieux.  I thank the Shrine for permission to translate it and for the images.

Novena of Masses in Paris (July 4-12, 2016) at the Basilica of Our Lady of Victories for the first feast of Louis and Zelie Martin as canonized saints

Novena of Masses for the feast of Sts. Louis and Zelie Martin

If you have the good fortune of being in Paris in July in the days leading up to the first feast of Louis and Zelie Martin as canonized saints, please participate in the novena to them at the Church of Our Lady of Victories.  This "Novena for Families" begins on Monday, July 4, with an opening Mass at 12:15 p.m.  Fr. Jean-Marie Simar, the rector of the Shrine of Louis and Zelie Martin at Alencon, will preside.  The solemn Mass to close the novena is on Tuesday, July 12, the feast day, at 12:15 p.m.  See details in French for the novena.

Basilica of Our Lady of Victories and the Martin family

Our Lady of Victories, which has a chapel dedicated to Louis and Zelie which contains their relics, was a special shrine to the Martin family.  When Louis visited Paris, he prayed here, calling it, in a letter to Zelie, "like a little heaven on earth."  It was during a novena of Masses offered in this church in May 1883 for little Therese, when she was sick, that she was cured, and it was here that, before leaving for Rome, she was freed of scruples while praying to the Blessed Virgin.  

For those of us who are not in Paris, let's unite ourselves in prayer to this novena and pray for all the members of the human family.

Vice-postulator for Louis and Zelie Martin: they intercede to find spouses, to bless couples with children, and to help spouses love each other more and more - November 28, 2015

Fr. Antonio Sangalli, the vice-postulator for Sts. Louis and Zelie Martin, interviewed recently in Rome while at the exhibit “Therese of Lisieux: Burning With Love,” says that Louis and Zelie lived simply, but were generous to the poor; that, in theface of many tragedies, they continued to trust in God; and that they specialize in helping persons find a boyfriend or a girlfriend; helping couples have children; and helping spouses love each other more every day. 

In French, an online retreat for Advent with Saints Louis and Zelie Martin offered by the Carmelite friars of Paris - November 28, 2015

Photo Credit: Carmelite Friars of Paris

Photo Credit: Carmelite Friars of Paris

If you read French, subscribe to a new online retreat to prepare for Christmas with Saints Louis and Zelie Martin.  It is the work of the Carmelite friars of Paris and includes reflections on the Sunday readings, meditations from the life of Louis and Zelie, suggested practices, and an Advent calendar for daily prayer.  See more information and register at the site of the Carmelite friars of Paris.   The friars have prepared online retreats for Lent and Advent for the past four years, and more than 10,000 persons have participated.  

A prayer for the victims and for France from the Shrine of Louis and Zelie Martin at Alencon

Attacks in Paris - Call to Prayer - Pray For Paris

translated from the Facebook page "Louis et Zelie Martin d'Alencon" with thanks

[Note that, although St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Joan of Arc are secondary co-patrons of France, the principal patron of France is the Blessed Virgin].

"Lord, we come to You in prayer and we entrust to You our brothers and sisters, victims of hatred, and their families.  We pray to You today through the intercession of the Queen of Peace, our Mother, for France.   Protect her!  Bless her!  Inspire our leaders! 

Lord, give us always especially to have trust in You, particularly in difficult situations, and never to doubt that you are the God of Love, our Father, who loves us and wants only our happiness!

Maranatha.  Come Lord Jesus! Amen !"

Saint Zelie: "The best thing to do is to put everything into the hands of God and to wait for events in peace and surrender to His will.  That's what I will try to do.". (CF 45)

Saints Louis and Zelie, pray for us, for our families and for France!

Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us!"