Go behind the scenes of the showcase of Natasha St.-Pier: About "Vivre d'Amour," the album of the poetry of St. Therese of Lisieux set to music, to be released April 22, 2013

Canadian singer Natasha St. Pier at the Chapel of St. Therese of the Foundation of the Apprentices in Auteuil, FraAfter offering her seventh album, "Bonne nouvelle" ("Good News") on April 16, 2012 to her fans, Natasha St Pier is back with a brand new project.  On April 22 the interpreter of "Tu trouveras" is releasing an album which includes the poems of St. Therese of Lisieux, with music by Gregoire, produced by Roberto Ciurleo.  As she unveils in the video clip of the title song, "Vivre d'Amour" ("Living on Love"), she sings a duet with Anggun.  Natasha St Pier was in Paris last night, at the Chapel of St. Therese of the Foundation of the Apprentices of Auteuil for an exceptional showcase. She was accompanied by other artists participating in this event, namely Sonia Lacen (The Voice season 1), Elisa Tovati, The Stentors, Gregory Turpin, and Gregoire. Other personalities were present at the party. We were on site and ...

 .. we were able to gather some evidence.

First, producer Roberto Ciurleo (who also handles the musical Robin Hood with M Pokora) explained how such a coming-together was created: "I am the originator of the project because in my deep religious convictions I have been praying to St.  Therese for years.  What interested me about her is the fact that she was a girl, a teenager, who died very young and who wrote incredible texts.  Now they can speak to anyone. These texts are very modern.  They are full of love.  They speak to young and old alike.  When I discovered the text "Vivre d'Amour" ("Living on Love"), I suggested to Gregoire to make music under this title.  Living Love text, it was proposed to Gregory to make music on this title here. And the fact that it is Natasha St Pier who does it was just a dream. I loved all hier songs. She has a great voice. This album is different, but it will be good ... "

Sonia Lacen, the young woman working on a solo album for the end of the year, told us:  "The producers of the album called me to ask me if I wanted to participate in a project from the writings of St. Therese of Lisieux. I was immediately overwhelmed by the texts. It fascinated me. I admire the very difficult journey of St. Therese.  Also, the artist found the painting in the church very beautiful and loved being in this church. 

The producer and host of Chabada (France 3), Daniela Lumbroso, was also present, an opportunity for us to learn more about her visit: "I came to this event because I've known Natasha for a very long time. I love her.  I made probably one of her first TV appearances at the time on TF1.  I had probably one of his first TV at the time on TF1. And then I also came because I knew the project well, and I wanted to see a little better how it would go in this church.  I think it is quite mesmerizing. I love this album."

In the audience one could also see the singer Quentin Mosimann, winner of Star Academy 7, who is now is currently a coach on "La Voice Belgique" (a Belgian reality-TV singing competition).

Note: This article, written by Pierre Giacometti, appeared on April 11, 2013 at Télé Star, which kindly permitted me to translate and post it here.