Panoramic views of the sites of St. Therese at Alencon and Lisieux and spend a "virtual summer vacation" with St. Thérèse at Saint Ouen-le-Pin

  Please visit the site "la petite Thérèse" to see its latest and most beautiful offering: a panoramic view of Alencon and Lisieux and of the sites associated with Therese in each.  This opportunity to see the sites associated with Thérèse as they appear in the surrounding landscape is not to be missed.  See Les Buissonnets, St. Pierre's Cathedral, the Lisieux Carmel, and the basilica in Lisieux; see Therese's birthplace in Alencon and the village of Semallè, where she was nursed.

This panoramic visit is the work of those who have created a beautiful "virtual museum" out of the house at Saint-Ouen-le-Pin where Thérèse spent several summer vacations.  Their work is exquisite; I cannot presume to praise it.  A webcam allows you to visit the house and garden 24 hours a day, seven days a weekSee more about this pilgrimage site and about Therese's time at Saint-Ouen-le-Pin.   What a beautiful way to create a pilgrimage site!  How wonderful it would be if other places Therese visited could be similarly made available.