Father Jacques Hamel's letter about Saints Louis and Zelie Martin: "Do not be afraid of holiness!"

"Feast of All Saints

November 1, 2015

Many are the saints we celebrate on November 1st. We know some of them by name. They are celebrated in the liturgical calendar.  But in this "great crowd", many are anonymous. They were considered lost, but they are alive, close to God, participating in the fullness of his love. They believed and loved at the heart of their lives. That is why they are close to God.

Holiness is also our vocation. The baptism we have received has made us the son and the daughters of God. Do not think that holiness is not for us. If we think that, it is because we are creating a false idea of holiness.  It is not to do extraordinary things, to accomplish wonders. It is enough to love in the reaity of our lives, whatever the cost.

Louis and Zélie Martin, who were recognized as saints on Sunday, October 18th, are for us an example and a support. Their life was simple, like the lives of many of our families. But their whole existence was oriented toward the Kingdom of Heaven. Their only desire was that "God be served first.”  They experienced painful circumstances, but they kept on course by a faith nourished by the sacraments and by prayer, service of the poor and surrender to God, who never stops supporting us.

Baptized, we are the sons and daughters of God. It is by living this filial relationship, day after day, that we become saints. Holiness is a gift of God. It is he who makes us saints. Do not be afraid of holiness!
Happy feast to each.

Pére Jacques'

Translated with thanks from the parish newsletter of the church of Saint Etienne.  Read the letter of Fr. Jacques Hamel in its original French.

Photo of Fr. Jacques Hamel courtesy of the Diocese of Rouen.  Photo of Saints Louis and Zelie courtesy of the Shrine at Alencon.