Summer 2014: Activities for pilgrims to the Shrine of Louis and Zelie Martin in Alencon

The Shrine at Alencon, the city which was the marital home of Louis and Zelie Martin and the birthplace of St. Therese, has shared with me its schedule for activities for pilgrims in the summer and fall of 2014.  Although this schedule is in English, all the activities will be conducted in French.  In addition to special feast-day activities, there will be guided tours every Tuesday in July and a special tour in a "train touristique" once a month.  For more information about how to visit the places the Martin family knew, please get in touch with the Shrine at the numbers and addresses listed.  If you do visit Alencon this summer, please let me know about your experience.  Thank you.

Please see the original programme in French at the site of the Shrine of Alencon.  Please also visit the English Web site of the Shrine of Alencon to learn more about Blessed Louis and Zelie.