The Shrine of the Martin Family (Blessed Louis and Zélie Martin and Saint Thérèse of Lisieux) announces the opening of its new Web site in English, November 21, 2013

I am happy to report that the Shrine at Alençon has launched its new Web site in English at 

Many people still associate the Martin family primarily or exclusively with Lisieux, in the diocese of Bayeux and Lisieux in the province of Calvados.  In fact, Louis and Zélie spent their whole married life in Alençon, in the diocese of Sees in the province of Orne.  Had Zélie not died prematurely, Thérèse would have known Lisieux only as a place for occasional visits, for Louis moved to Lisieux only because, after his wife's death, he wanted his daughters to be near their uncle, aunt, and cousins. 

Alençon has now organized a pilgrimage office (the "Shrine") to create a powerful experience for pilgrims who come to walk in the steps of the Martin family.  I hope that those who go on pilgrimage to France will visit Alençon first, so that they can "grow up" with Thérèse.  Here you can see the house where Thérèse was born, the exterior of the house where all the other Martin children were born, the Basilica of Notre-Dame where Louis and Zélie were married and Thérèse was baptized, the Pavilion (Louis's small garden on the outskirts of the town), and many other places of interest. 

The site has much even for those not planning a trip to France; information about the life, message, and prayer of the Martin family, the developments in their cause for canonization, and much more.  I congratulate the Shrine on this outreach to the English-speaking world.  Please do your best to spread the word.

UPDATE, June 29, 2014: The Shrine at Alencon has announced its summer schedule, including guided tours every Tuesday in July, a monthly trip on the "tourist train" to visit the sites related to the Martin family, and many special events for the feast of Louis and Zelie on July 12; for the anniversary of Louis's death on July 29 and the anniversary of Zelie's death on August 28; and for the feast of St. Therese on October 1.  For an English translation (by Mary Davidson) of this schedule, please see  Thank you.