Pray for the Synod on the Family with Louis and Zelie Martin - October 5, 2015

Zelie Martin and Louis Martin.  Photo credit: Sanctuaire d'Alencon

Let us pray for the synod of bishops on the family with Louis and Zelie Martin.

Let us accompany the synod of bishops with our prayers. During this month of October, the month of the Holy Rosary, we can pray the Rosary for this intention in our families, communities, and parishes, or we can pray it alone . . . Let us ask Louis and Zelie Martin to intercede for us with our Heavenly Father.

At the end of the rosary, you can pray this prayer:

Louis and Zelie Martin,
you who, in your life as a couple and as parents,
have given witness of an exemplary Christian life
by fulfilling the duties of your state in life
and practicing the evangelical virtues,
we turn to you today.
We pray especially for the synod fathers:
that they may let themselves be guided by the Holy Spirit
so that the Church can send a clear and encouraging word
to the families of today.
Let the example of your unfailing trust in God
|and ofyour abandonment to his will,
in joys but also through the trials, sorrows,
and suffering with which your life was filled,
encourage us to persevere in our daily difficulties
and to live in joy and Christian hope.
Intercede for us with our Father
that we may obtain the graces
of which we have such need in our everyday life on earth
and that, like you, we may reach eternal happiness.

translated from the Web site of the Shrine at Alencon, with thanks for their kind permission.  The French text is copyright Il est vivant no. 327.