A two-minute virtual visit with the reliquary of Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin, with meditative music, in Metz, northeastern France, November 25-28, 2011

The parish of Sainte Therese in Metz received the reliquary of Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin in November 2011.  They planned and completed a powerful programme of conferences, prayer, and liturgies and created a marvelous Web site (in French) to prepare for and commemorate the visit and to educate persons about the Martin spouses.  Join them in a virtual veneration of Louis and Zelie by watching this two-minute photo show, with meditative music.  Find the right volume, turn on full screen, and enjoy praying with them. 

This parish is clearly a model for how to make the spirituality of the Martin spouses available to the pastoral needs of the people, and their superb work was blessed.  During the three days of prayer around the reliquary, many couples (mostly young couples with many children) were so touched by the exemplary Christian lives of the parents of St. Therese that the parish decided to offer them a place to confide themselves and their children to the intercession of the Martin spouses.  This chapel dedicated to Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin was opened on September 30, 2012.