"Therese superstar," a superb documentary by Remi Mauger about the "phenomenon" of Therese, is now online

 The fascinating documentary Therese superstar, made for French television in 1997 by Remi Mauger, an award-winning filmmaker, examines the phenomenon of Therese from her death in 1897 until the present day.  Archival-quality documents and images blend with interviews with historians, sociologists, and others.  All the audio is, of course, in French, but it's easy to follow the visuals even if you don't understand French.  You can see the first edition of "Story of a Soul' and related correspondence; the handwritten imprimatur of Bishop Hugonin in 1898; many images of Therese's influence among the soldiers in World War I; the progress of her cause; rare film footage of the ceremony of her beatification in 1923; and other treasures.  This film plays better at its host site, so please click here to see it. 60 minutes long.  [Update in 2019: I regret that this documentary is no longer online].