Video of "Toward Canonization," historic program about the cause of Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin broadcast from the basilica of Notre-Dame at Alencon, 10/19/2013, fifth anniversary of beatification

 The audio of this program is, of course, in French.

.Bishop Jacques Habert, bishop of Seez, introduces it.

  • For this fifth anniversary, Walter  and Adele Schiliro, the parents of the child  Pietro whose healing at  the intercession of Louis and Zelie Martin was  accepted as the miracle  for their beatification, traveled from Italy to France. The Schiliros are Italian, but you will see them seated in the sanctuary of the basilica where the couple whose intercession saved their son's life were married in 1858.  Walter Schiliro tells very simply the story of their son's birth, illness, and cure.  The Schiliros have said that their way of giving thanks is to make Louis and Zelie better known, and their testimony is deeply moving.


  • Dr. Paterlini, a  medical expert on  Pietro Schiliro's case, then speaks about the case.


We thank the diocese of Seez and M. Hubert Moritz for recording the program and uploading it so quickly.