"St. Therese of Lisieux: Burning with Love," an exposition at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris

If you're in Paris this summer, please visit a photographic exhibit called "St. Therese of Lisieux: Burning with Love", which is now open at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.  Admission is free.  It will close on September 16, 2012

Image courtesy of the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris.

The exhibit is made up of 36 photographic panels highlighting the different aspects of love that formed the life of St. Therese.  Translated from the Web site of the Cathedral of Notre Dame: 

The exhibition is designed to be shown in places of solitude and of distress – prisons, hospitals, retreat houses, public places … to show the extraordinary fruitfulness of the life of Thérèse with her double message of hope. The exposition wants to tell us, on the one hand, that Thérèse is a source of graces and of abundant consolation to all who suffer and who call upon her; and, on the other hand, that no life, however poor and limited it may be, is necessarily wasted – that is the life of Thérèse herself, who had always suffered, and who died at the age of 24 years (1873-1897), in the Carmel where she had withdrawn.

 For details in English, see the site of the  Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament; for details in French and more photographs, see the site of the  Cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris