"A Lenten Journey with Jesus Christ and Saint Therese of Lisieux," by Fr. John F. Russell, O. Carm.


Because Ash Wednesday is only a week away, I recommend to you Fr. John Russell's book "A Lenten Journey with Jesus Christ and Saint Therese of Lisieux," published by Christus Publishing.  Father John, who has written and spoken about St. Therese for decades, has presented the daily gospel readings for Lent together with an excerpt from St. Therese's writings for each day.  He has added a short reflection and a short prayer for each day.  Father John introduces the book with a short biography of Therese, an overview of  the Carmelite order, thoughts about the Lenten season, a few pages about prayer, Scripture, and lectio divina, and some thoughts about St. Therese and prayer.  If you later want to read the excerpts from St. Therese's text in their original context, an appendix showing where, in her writings, the excerpt for each day of Lent is located makes that easy.  With this book, you can pray with the Church each day of Lent through the gospels, and you can enter into St. Therese's transforming reflection on the gospels through reading her text and through answering Fr. Russell's invitation to pray and reflect. 

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