"In Praise of Lay Saints"

"In Praise of Lay Saints" is a superb five-minute video by Fr. James Martin, S.J., the culture editor of America Magazine.  Fr. Jim, the author of "My Life with the Saints," speaks lucidly about why the Vatican needs to recognize more lay saints (and what has prevented it from doing so).  He mentions Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin and displays their portrait.

The first release of fragments of Zelie's letters in French in 1958 is said greatly to have advanced her cause for beatification.  I hope that the recent publication of her letters in English, "A Call to a Deeper Love: The Family Correspondence of the Parents of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, 1863-1885," will make Louis and Zelie even more deeply loved among the people and will lead to a devotion so powerful that the miracle necessary for their canonization will be forthcoming.