The Holy Father authorized the decree declaring the parents of St. Therese "blessed"

Let's rejoice together.  On July 3, 2008 Pope Benedict XVI received Cardinal Josef Saraiva Martins, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, and authorized the promulgation of the decree on the miracle of the cure of the Italian child Pietro Schillero due to the intercession of the Venerable Louis and Zelie Martin.  This authorization means that St. Therese's mother and father will be declared blessed.  A July 3 communique from the diocese of Seez, in which Zelie was born, stated that Cardinal Saraiva Martins will announce the date and place of the beatification ceremony when he presides at the ceremonies at Alencon and Lisieux July 12 and 13 commemorating the 150th anniversary of Louis and Zelie's marriage, which took place on July 13, 1858.

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